Download the New Beats Music App for iPhone and iPad

Trial has been extended to 14 days, subscription price dropped, bug fixes across the board

In light of Apple buying Beats for more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime, Beats Music has received a quick update on iOS platforms featuring new pricing, an extended free-trial period, and code corrections to ensure that “the whole experience runs smooth as silk.”

A streaming service that prides itself on curation, Beats offers access to over 20 million tracks and “A mix of albums and playlists that have been handpicked by our music experts are always ready and waiting just for you.”

Beats doesn’t want to be just another streaming service, something echoed by co-founder Iovine and CEO Ian Rogers in a televised chat with the folks at Re/code yesterday. Instead of trying to fend off competition by grabbing as much market share as possible, the service focuses on offering a best-quality experience.

Apple is impressed by that and, most importantly believes in that, as the Mac maker ended up paying several billions to own the company and the talented people behind the knobs.

As part of the deal, Beats decided to give its iOS Music app a refresh. Here’s the lowdown, straight from their mouth:

“We're stoked to announce that our no strings attached trial has been extended to 14 days to ensure everyone gets ample time to explore the full Beats Music experience. We've dropped price of our yearly subscription to $99.99 [€73.43], down from $119.88 [€88.04]. To top it off, we pushed tons of bug fixes so the whole experience runs smooth as silk.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if that last line of text came as a direction from Mr. Beats himself, Dr. Dre, who probably told the software guys to spice up the changelog a bit.

Following the acquisition, Apple confirmed that the Beats brand would live on under the Cupertino company using the same name as before. Beats Music will also continue to be available on Android and Windows Phone after the deal, CEO Tim Cook confirmed.

As noted above, Beats Music is a free download and it’s also a free service for a full two weeks, during which time you can test out its extensive array of features and make up your mind if you want to be a paying subscriber or not. In addition to the annual charge, you can opt for a monthly $9.99 (€7) fee, just in case you don’t like long commitments. To download Beats Music you need iOS 6.0 or later.

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