Download the Modern File Explorer for Windows 8

Here’s the Windows Store version of the classic File Explorer

There are plenty of file managers available in the Windows Store right now, but in case you’re looking for a full-featured software solution that could really help you manage your files with ease, it’s pretty clear that you must have a look at Modern File Explorer.

As you may guess by simply reading its name, this app is supposed to be a Metro version of the classic File Explorer available in the “desktop” version of Windows 8.

The program is obviously completely optimized for the touch, but it comes with quite a great feature package that should please every Windows 8 adopter out there.

First of all, the app lets you manage folders and files anywhere on your computer, with dedicated options to copy, move, rename and delete items quickly.

Drag and drop support is also available, and so is network access to browse the files stored on another computer in your network. Sharing and searching options are available thanks to Charms integration, while several sorting options enable you to group folders by name, date, type and size.

The SkyDrive support gives you the power to quickly upload files in your SkyDrive account, while pinning folders lets users quickly access specific directories.

Modern File Explorer works on all three versions of Windows 8, including x86, x64 and ARM builds. Sadly, the app isn’t available with a freeware license, but only with a $1.99 (€1.49) price tag but, given the fact that many users actually need this kind of app, it could record a terrific success.

As you probably know by now especially if you’re a Windows 8 user, Microsoft has renamed the default file manager included in its operating system.

Even though most users continue to call it Windows Explorer, the app is now named File Explorer to better reflect its built-in features.

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