Download the MacLegion Holiday Bundle 2012 Now – 11 Mac Apps

Software valued at over $548 / €430 for just $49.99 / €40.00

MacLegion has announced Holiday Bundle 2012, a collection of 10 top-selling apps with a bonus 11th title for the first 5,000 buyers. The bundle would normally amount to $548 / €430, and it sells for just $49.99 / €40.00.

“The 2012 Holiday Bundle has arrived! We're offering you 11 best selling Mac apps valued at over $540.00 for a one-time-only exclusive price of $49.99! That's over 90% off!” says MacLegion.

Indeed, if you’ve been on the lookout for some disk utilities, website creation tools, DJ-ing apps, organizers, and more, this is the bundle grab. So, what’s inside?

TechTool Pro is said to be the best disk utility to help you solve any problem on your Mac. The utility includes several protection and prevention tools, according to its developers.

Freeway Pro lets you create professional web sites, and djay (by algoriddim) turns your Mac into a full-fledged DJ system.

Capo helps you learn the music in your iTunes library and is the winner of a 2011 Apple Design Award.

Fantastical is the all-too-well known Mac calendar app. RipIt transfers discs onto your Mac rapidly and effortlessly, and also does compression.

iRip is also bundled. This one lets you transfer songs, videos, podcasts, ringtones, books, photos, contacts, and texts from your iPhone or iPod to your computer.

Beamer streams video wirelessly to your TV with no jailbreak required. What you will need, though, is an Apple TV set-top box.

Also included in the MacLegion Holiday Bundle for 2012 is CopyPaste Pro which “magnifies and multiplies the usefulness of the humble clipboard.”

Lastly, Code Collector Pro is a storage app for code snippets for developers working in anything from HTML and Cocoa to C++ and Ruby.

The first 5,000 downloaders of the MacLegion Holiday Bundle 2012 also get Alarm Clock Pro as a bonus.

“As always, MacLegion ensures all the apps included are the latest versions each developer has to offer,” says the seller.

“MacLegion bundles entitle you to full after-sales support as well as valid upgrade paths for later software releases, just as if you had bought each application from the developers themselves,” the company adds adds.

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