Download the First Windows 8 Theme: Nightfall and Starlight

A panoramic theme that is best fitted for use on two monitors

Only a few hours after making the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 available for download, Microsoft also released the first theme designed specifically for it, Nightfall and Starlight.

The new theme will offer you the possibility to enjoy distant galaxies and serene seas straight on the desktop of your Windows 8 computer.

Moreover, if you have two monitors, you will enjoy a panoramic view of these stunning, wide-angle images. All that is required is that both monitors feature the same size and resolution.

“Designed to extend seamlessly across dual monitors with identical resolution settings, this dramatic free theme for your Windows 8 Consumer Preview desktop also shifts your glass color to match each stunning, wide-angle image,” Microsoft notes.

“Explore distant galaxies, verdant meadows, steep mountains, and serene seas without ever leaving your chair.”

To enjoy the high-resolution imagery included in this theme you will also have to have Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows Developer Preview installed on your desktop PC.

Provided that you have a dual-monitor setup with both monitors of the same size and featuring the same resolution, these panoramic images will automatically extend across both displays.

However, if these displays are different, a different image will appear on each of them. Have a look at the screenshots embedded below to learn more on this. When viewed on single monitors, only the center part of these panoramic images will appear.

With the release of the new theme, Microsoft is expanding the personalization features that those who installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Developer Preview on their devices can benefit from.

The latest Windows 8 release did include a series of high-resolution wallpapers, along with the option to change the color of Start screen’s background, but the theme brings more into the mix. Themes previously released for the Windows 7 platform can be installed on Windows 8 Consumer Preview as well.

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build 8250

Download the new Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme for Windows 8


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