Download the First BitTorrent Client for Windows RT and Surface RT

Here are the first apps that help you download files via the BitTorrent protocol

Even though the Windows Store is constantly growing bigger, there’s no BitTorrent client available for Windows RT users who wish to download files via this high-speed protocol.

The jailbreaking community comes to the rescue with the first two builds of a recompiled version of MonoTorrent, so those of you who have already unlocked their Windows RT tablets can now use torrent files too.

Although in early development stage, the recompiled BitTorrent client provides a great amount of features, just like the original application, but still requires users to manually add torrent files to the queue through the standard “Add a torrent” dialog available under the “File” menu option.

Even though Microsoft initially applauded the software developers behind the jailbreak, sources familiar with the matter have hinted that the company may actually block the hack with a future update.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will actually try to patch Windows RT tablets in order to block similar attempts in the future, but either way, it is just a matter of time before hackers find a new way to bypass restrictions.

At this point, the software creators that managed to create the aforementioned jailbreak are also working on a dedicated app store that would host the recompiled software supposed to run on unlocked tablets.

In the meantime, the number of software solutions modified to work on these devices is continuously increasing and beside popular games such as Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Quake 2, jailbroken Windows RT devices have also received a Start button app to make the operating system look a bit more familiar.

Several other projects are also in the works right now, including a handful of browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla, however, confirmed that a Windows RT version of its browser would be released at some point, but the jailbreak community may move a lot faster and recompile the app to work on jailbroken devices in the near future.

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