Download Your Free Halloween Stationery Templates for Mail App

iPresentee is feeling like giving stuff away for free again

iPresentee is well known for offering some of the best templates / themes and objects for use with Apple's Mail, Keynote, iWeb and iWork applications. It is customary for the company to generously offer free, fun-to-use items every now and then, and today is no different. Download your free, Halloween-themed Mail Stationery templates now!

“If there is ever a time for the beauty of ugliness and the delight of terror, Halloween must be it,” says the company. “Therefore iPresentee presents Mail Stationery templates designed especially for Halloween holiday. Whether to send spooky Halloween greetings or funny ones, new Mail Stationery templates will meat [sic] the needs of the majority of Mail application users.”

Five templates are to be found within the stationery pack, including Happy Pumpkins, Bloody Letter, Halloween Coffee, Skeleton and Hot Pumpkins. Don't worry, we're not here just to tell you how great these templates are, but also to let you in on how to actually install and use them.

First off (after downloading the package, of course), click on the installer icon to begin the installation process for Halloween Mail Stationery, and follow the on-screen instructions. As soon as the process is done, restart and, before you know it, you're ready to start using your new Halloween Mail Stationery. You'll be delighted when you first see the options available, but you'll enjoy sending them around even more once you discover how easy it is to add your own pictures and greetings to the pre-defined models.

To do this... do this:

1. In the New Message window, click Show Stationery.

2. To view the template choices, click a category, such as iPresentee.

3. To apply a template to your message, click its thumbnail.

4. When you decide on a template, you can click Hide Stationery to see more of your message.

5. To remove a template from your message, click the Original thumbnail in the Stationery category. Any text, images, or formatting that you added are retained.

6. If you use a template often, you can add it to the Favorites category. Drag the thumbnail over the category list. To remove a favorite, select it and click Remove (x).

Mail Stationery requires Mac OS X 10.5 and Mail 3.5. iPresentee notes that it has no way of knowing what changes Apple will be making in newer OS X versions, and therefore, cannot guarantee the compatibility of its themes with future OS X releases. Download iPresentee's new Halloween Mail Stationery templates using the link below.

Download iPresentee Halloween Mail Stationery templates pack (Free)

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