Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Final

After almost a year in the oven, Yahoo Messenger 11 is ready to be served. The final, stable version of the popular instant messaging client has been released and is available for download to everyone.

Yahoo Messenger 11 brings a lot of new features, many of which having to do with expanding the social capabilities of the IM client. You can now play games like Mafia Wars and Fishville with Yahoo Messenger, but you can also keep up with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

"Thanks to all of you who tried Yahoo! Messenger 11 during the Beta period and provided feedback on your experience. We are excited to announce that as of today, Messenger 11 is no longer in Beta," Yahoo announced.

"This latest version incorporates many bug fixes and we’ve improved the general stability of the product," it added.

Social games within Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger has always had games you could play with your friends built-in, but Yahoo Messenger 11 takes to a whole new level with popular social games from the likes of Zynga and others.

The games run in a separate window, while Messenger is running, and everything you can be share with friends.

Keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr friends

Yahoo Messenger 11 goes beyond just being an IM client, it incorporates status updates and posts from a number of other social networks. Beyond the native support for Facebook and Twitter, you get access to the big number of sites the Yahoo Plus network supports.

Post Facebook and Twitter updates and chat with Facebook friends

Not only you have a central place for your friends' updates, you can also share with the world straight from Yahoo Messenger since you can post a status update on Facebook, tweet something you like or update your global status on the Yahoo network.

What's more, Yahoo Messenger 11 comes with Facebook Chat integration so you can strike up a conversation with any Facebook friend you see online.

There are plenty of other things to like about the new Yahoo Messenger, for example, the ability to stay signed in on several devices at a time. You can download the final version and check out all the new features for yourself.

Yahoo Messenger 11 is available for download here.

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