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The video-call feature just got better

Yahoo has updated its popular instant messaging client to Yahoo Messenger It's a minor update with just a few bug fixes mostly focused on the newly introduced video-call feature, one of the major, new features introduced with the release of Yahoo Messenger 10. The full installer for the latest version is available for download below.

"Today we released an updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (version This latest release includes several bug fixes to enhance stability and performance of our new video call feature. Several of the fixes improve video calling on PCs running Windows 7," Sarah Bacon, Yahoo Messenger product manager, writes. "And as always, we welcome feedback about your experience with the product. Just go to the Help menu and select 'Send Feedback…' to get started."

There isn't much else to say, it's just a regular housekeeping update, all the more reason to download and install it. There aren't any new features or changes, so there's no risk of it coming with some unknown instability or issues, so, for the vast majority of people, the upgrade should mean fewer hiccups and a generally smoother experience. And, if you're still using Yahoo Messenger 9 or older, now is a good time as any to upgrade.

As you can see from the announcement, the clear focus at Yahoo Messenger right now is on one-on-one video calls, a rapidly growing market that Yahoo aims to corner or at least get a big chunk out of, especially since it started a bit late in the race. By the time Yahoo Messenger 10 came out, there were already several IMs offering video calls taking advantage of the rising broadband speeds and cheaper Internet connections around the world. Skype is the most obvious competitor and the recently sold-off VoIP and IM company has a very solid foothold in the video-call market.

If you're having trouble with the video-call feature in Yahoo Messenger 10, you can check out the short guide here, which should help you get started. You can read more about what's new in Yahoo Messenger 10 in the initial announcement.

Yahoo Messenger 10 ( - full installer) is available for download here.

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