Download Yahoo! Mail 2.0.7 for Android

With improved notifications, option to move messages out of folders

A new flavor of the Yahoo! Mail application is now available for download for Android-based devices, namely version 2.0.7, with various enhancements and fixes packed inside.

One of the changes included in the new app release involves notifications, which will get users to the correct inbox now.

However, it seems that the update might have caused some issues with receiving notifications, and that users could experience delays in receiving them.

“Some users may experience a small delay in receiving notifications after install. If you do not receive notification for an extended period, please contact us. We're working diligently to enhance the responsiveness of notifications,” the development team notes.

The new Yahoo! Mail 2.0.7 for Android also arrives on devices with the option to move messages out of the sent folder, while also enabling users to move messages out of the spam folder.

Owners of older Android devices will also find that zoom is working once again for them, the release notes for the new application iteration explain.

As mentioned above, there are also various bug fixes included in the new release, aimed at providing users with a better experience than before.

The Yahoo! Mail for Android application was designed to provide users with fast access to their inboxes while on the go, so that they could stay on top of messages.

The mobile client offers notification capabilities, as well as support for multiple Yahoo! email accounts on the same device.

Furthermore, the app comes with continuous scrolling capabilities, auto-complete email addresses as you type, and the ability to select multiple messages at the same time, to organize your inbox faster.

It also enables users to attach photos to their messages, to preview photos, search through messages and folders, and the like, all straight from the Android handset or tablet PC in their hands.

Yahoo! Mail 2.0.7 for Android can be found listed on Softpedia as well, via this link.

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