Download Yahoo! Mail 2.0.6 for Android

With a wide range of fixes, various other improvements

A new flavor of the Yahoo! Mail mobile client is now available for download for the owners of Android-based devices, namely version 2.0.6.

The new app release brings along a nice range of enhancements when compared to the previous flavor, while also resolving some of the issues previously discovered to affect it.

For example, following the update to the new app iteration, users will no longer experience crashes on their Honeycomb-based tablets.

Furthermore, the new Yahoo! Mail 2.0.6 for Android resolves some of the issues that previously emerged when deleting and moving messages.

The release notes for the new app flavor shows other fixes and improvements as well:

- Honeycomb tablet devices no longer crash

- You will no longer be notified of messages not downloaded yet

- Notifications will now take you to the right inbox

- Fixed several issues found with deleting and moving messages

- Marking messages as not spam in the spam folder now works

- Refresh option menu for supported devices

- Added the old notification sound as an option in settings

- .txt files will now properly render in mail

- Fixed a number of crashes you've reported

The Yahoo! Mail mobile client is available for download for all devices running under Google’s Android 2.2 and newer platform releases, and can be grabbed for free.

Through it, users can easily access their inboxes via their mobile phones or tablet PCs, so as to stay on top of new messages and notifications.

The app comes with some other features as well, including access to multiple Yahoo! email accounts in one place, search of messages, support for attaching photos to messages, and the like.

It will also auto-complete email addresses as users type, and provides easy management features, including support for selecting multiple messages at the same time.

The new Yahoo! Mail 2.0.6 for Android can be found on Softpedia as well, via this link.

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