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Microsoft is currently hammering away at the first Beta development milestone of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 for Windows. While the Beta Build is just around the corner in terms of delivery, one flavor of the instant messaging client is already available for download. The Redmond company has wrapped up Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch and is already serving the application to customers from iTunes. (via TheNextWeb)

Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch was released today, June 21st, 2010, with little fanfare from Microsoft. In fact, the software giant has been extremely quiet about the launch. The app is designed to play nice with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 3.0 or later.

By installing Windows Live Messenger on their Apple devices, owners of an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can easily become part of the world’s largest instant messaging network. The IM client is, of course, available for download free of charge, just as the desktop variant. Microsoft underlines that the new application has been designed to bring many of the same features and capabilities of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 to Apple devices.

At the bottom of the screen, I’ve included four screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch, designed to allow users to get a taste of what’s in store for them. With the new IM client, customers can connect to the desktop versions of Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft informs. And, as long as the users are signed in to Windows Live Messenger, the app is capable of offering IM notifications, even if the client itself is closed.

Just as it is the case with Windows Live Messenger Wave 4, the iPhone and iPod touch flavor of the IM client is intimately connected with the social networking universe. Users will be able to receive updates from friends on Facebook, MySpace, etc. right in Messenger. In addition, the application will allow customers to upload and share images right from their device on services such as Flickr. And, given that this is a Microsoft app and part of the bigger Windows Live family, Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch also connects to Hotmail, and is capable of allowing users not only to receive email notifications, but also to read, reply to and compose messages.


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