Download Windows 8.1 ISOs

Here’s a small trick to download the official Windows 8.1 ISOs

Microsoft has indeed launched the new Windows 8.1 in the Store, but the company has made it very clear that no ISOs would be released for those looking for a clean install of the operating system.

It turns out however that a small trick can help any Windows 8 user out there download a Windows 8.1 ISO using Microsoft’s own upgrade assistant that’s supposed to help your deploy the operating system.

The idea is pretty simple: the Windows 8 upgrade assistant saves your legitimate key in the Windows Registry, so consumers can use the 8.1 install assistant to download an ISO with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

PureInfoTech writes that users first need to deploy the Windows 8 upgrade assistance, but let’s take all steps one at a time to make it easier for beginners too.

Step 1: go over to this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Install Windows 8” and download the upgrade assistant.

Step 2: launch the upgrade assistant and input your legitimate Windows 8 key.

Review image

Step 3: hit “Next” and after the application starts the downloading process, close it completely.

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Step 4: go back to Microsoft’s page and download the “Install Windows 8.1” app.

Step 5: launch the Windows 8.1 upgrade assistant and let it complete the download.

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Step 6: once the downloading process comes to an end, you are allowed to choose if you want to install it right away, install by creating media, or install later from your desktop.

Step 7: select “install by creating media” and hit “Next.”

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Step 8: select the “ISO file” option and you’re ready to go.

Please note that the upgrade assistant download the Windows 8.1 version that’s appropriate for your computer, you won’t be able to get both the 32- and the 64-bit flavors.

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