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The Ultimate Extras live to see another day. In all fairness, it will not be the whole of Ultimate Extras that will survive, but just two components, both being games which will be delivered as standalone downloads. And this time around, Microsoft will not limit the availability of how little survives from the Windows Vista’s Ultimate Extras. Instead the Redmond company will make available Tinker and Hold 'Em for free. “Tinker and Hold 'Em are coming to Games for Windows,” Microsoft revealed. “Need a break? If you like classic platform puzzles, or just want to play a quick hand of cards, we have a couple of great new games coming soon to Games for Windows! (…) Here's the best part...both of these games will be absolutely FREE!!”

As much as some end users expressed strong discontent over how Microsoft dealt with the Ultimate Extras, and, of course, because of the inconsistencies across the offerings, the perspective of having them discontinued sparked even more criticism. In addition, while DreamScene will not be resurrected apparently, the Multilingual User Interface packs (MUI) have made it into Windows 7 Ultimate, and so till Tinker and Hold 'Em.

At this point in time, Microsoft did not reveal the actual delivery deadline for inker and Hold 'Em, noting only that customers should expect them sooner rather than later. At the same time, the company is expected to provide the two games for both Windows 7 and Windows XP users, as they will be offered as free downloads via Games for Windows.

“Tinker - Even robots get lost, sometimes! Help this one get home by solving puzzles that untangle a surreal and misleading world...but be careful! Tinker only has a limited amount of energy, so you'll have to use it wisely or he'll be lost forever! A classic mental challenge for the entire family, Tinker features an original score, compelling visuals, and 60 levels of classic puzzling fun,” Microsoft revealed. “Hold 'Em - Pit yourself against the computer for a high-stakes experience that won't empty your pocket! Play with up to five computer opponents, and customize the look of the card deck and playing table. Have fun and bet what you want — the computer can't make you pay up!”

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