Download Windows 7 Antivirus from AVG, Kaspersky and Symantec

Microsoft promises more security providers will follow

Just as it was the case with Windows Vista, the mitigations introduced by Microsoft alone in Windows 7 are not sufficient to bulletproof the operating system on their own. While security for Windows 7 is not a new subject, as you have been able to already read materials on this subject, fact is that following the release of the first Beta for the next iteration of the Windows client, I have seen questions from users related to how they could protect themselves best. Microsoft is indeed providing, in collaboration with members of the security industry, solutions designed to integrate with Windows 7, even if the operating system is in Beta.

Brandon LeBlanc, Windows communications manager on the Windows Client Communications Team, revealed that Microsoft had been hard at work attempting to get security providers to offer anti-virus for Windows 7. No less than three companies have rushed to Microsoft's call, and are offering their products even if Windows 7 is still in Beta.

The following anti-virus solutions are available [for Windows 7]: Symantec offers the Norton 360 3.0 Beta, which works on the Windows 7 Beta; AVG offers AVG Internet Security and AVG Anti-Virus that works with the Windows 7 Beta; Kaspersky is offering a technical preview of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7. It is great to see that these partners were able to have their solutions working so early in our development process,” LeBlanc added.

I have discussed the products that Kaspersky and AVG had to offer in the past, but since the first week of January Microsoft added yet another security provider to the list of companies offering security solutions for Windows 7, namely Symantec with Norton 360 Version 3.0 Beta. Symantec warned that Norton 360 Version 3.0 was still in Beta and, as such, users were bound to run into issues.

Please note that installing this Beta will uninstall some Symantec and/or other third-party programs already installed on your machine. Please ensure that you have your prior product media (i.e., compact disks) so that you can re-install your products after the Beta version expires. This Beta release will expire on March 27, 2009. At that time, you will need to uninstall the Beta software and re-install your prior Norton product. Or, you can purchase the full version and install it,” a member of the 2009 Norton Product Team explained.

The promise from Microsoft is that the list of security providers that support Windows 7 will grow. “We will add additional partners to the Windows 7 Security Provider page when they make Windows 7 versions publicly available,” LeBlanc said.

Windows 7 Beta is available for download here.

Norton 360 3.0 Beta is available for download here.

VG Antivirus Professional 8.0 is available for download here.

AVG Internet Security 8.0 is available for download here.

Technical Preview Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 7  is available for download here.

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