Download Wazapp 0.9.12 for Nokia N9

The unofficial client for MeeGo received a buckload of changes

One of the most popular instant messaging applications for mobile phone, WhatsApp, has been ported to MeeGo several months ago.

Given the fact that Nokia dropped support for this platform, it’s the community that now takes care of any problems that might arise with compatible apps.

Wazzapp is an unofficial port of WhatsApp and quickly became one of the most downloaded apps for Nokia N9.

Even though it’s still a work in progress, the application receives regular updates, which are meant to improve it and make it more stable.

The latest update brings a huge number of changes, including bug fixes, performance improvements, as well as new features:

- Now using Yowsup!

- Credits page modifications;

- Added polish, Ukrainian, Urdo, and Hungarian;

- Updated description;

- Added first run checks

- Fixed emojify subject when changed after login;

- About page adjustments;

- Updated notification icons;

- Switched to organiser feedback to make use of LED;

- Skip loading duplicate conv in db;

- Fixed fetching grp subject and picture when added to a group;

- Fixed group set picture, that prevented returning to created group conversation;

- Fixed group create busy indicator display when tried again after failure;

- Fixed setting group subject in Conversation UI once created;

- Subject textarea is now disabled while group create is in progress;

- Disabled send audio recording until its interface is fixed;

- Interface version now propagates to UI.

Keep in mind that the changes listed above are only part of the changelog published by the developers. The latest version of Wazapp contains much more changes, so you might want to check out the official changelog available here.

Wazapp 0.9.12 is now available as a free download via Softpedia and is fully compatible with Nokia N9. Check it out here.

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