Download Waterfox 28, a Firefox-Based Browser for 64-Bit Versions of Windows

A new version of the application was officially released today

There’s no doubt that Firefox is a top-notch browser, but Mozilla hasn’t yet released a dedicated 64-bit version of the application, but those looking for such a build can always give a try to Waterfox.

Basically a Firefox-based browser specifically designed for 64-bit versions of Windows, Waterfox today received a brand new update that comes to enhance performance and improve stability on specific hardware configurations.

According to the official release notes sent to us this morning, Waterfox 28 brings back profile-guided optimization, which means that performance should be significantly improved. What’s more, the new build adds support for AVX2, SSE4.2, SSE4.1 and SSSE3 instructions sets if you’re using an Intel CPU, while AMD users get only SSE3 support.

In addition, Waterfox 28 implements Mozilla’s built-on memory allocator in order to address some stability issues that were causing random crashes every once in a while, according to reports coming from users.

Waterfox works only on 64-bit versions of Windows, but it supports the majority of builds still on the market, including XP, 7, and 8.

Overall, those looking for a 64-bit flavor of Firefox and do not want to wait for Mozilla to release it can download Waterfox 28 right now to see what it’s up to on any Windows version.

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