Download Warcraft III 1.24d for Mac OS X

New patch aims to eliminate critical exploit

A revision to Patch 1.24 for Warcraft III is now available for free download, Blizzard Entertainment has announced. The new update is available for Warcraft III and its two installments, Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Bringing the fantasy real-time strategy game to version 1.24d, the recent release fixes an exploit that allowed malicious players to cause system crashes, various sources say.

The release notes, however, are a tad less specific. Over at the forums, Blizzard poster Cydra reveals that Warcraft III Patch 1.24d “fixed a client crash related to queuing too many invalid build commands (‘crash hack’).” During the development of Patch 1.24, Warcraft III Mac gamers have been treated to both an alpha release, as well as a beta release, fixing all sorts of issues and adding new stuff here and there.

In a similar manner, Patch 1.24c delivered mostly fixes, all of which were detailed in the release notes posted at the forums. Patch 1.24d further shows Blizzard’s commitment to offering the best gameplay experience for its long-time fans.

For the Mac user base, those who only have Reign of Chaos installed will only need to download and run the Reign of Chaos Patch. Those who also have the Frozen Throne expansion pack installed will only need the Frozen Throne patch. Blizzard asks gamers to note that, if their copy of Warcraft III is already patched to version 1.23, they will only have to install the upgrade patch version 1.24.

Those unaware of their current Warcraft III version can check it by launching Warcraft III on their Mac and taking a look at the bottom right-hand corner of the startup screen. Gamers who have recently installed / reinstalled the title or have not patched Warcraft III in a long time will need to download and install the full 1.24 Universal Patch, according to Blizzard. Use the links below to download your suitable version of the latest Warcraft III patch.

Download Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Patch 1.24d (Free)

Download Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos Patch 1.24d (Free)

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