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Popular virtualization solution gets “minor” maintenance update

VMware Inc. has announced VMware Fusion 5.0.2, a maintenance update that resolves known issues and improves existing features. The update is free for all VMware Fusion 5 users.

VMware labels Fusion 5.0.2 as “a minor upgrade” but one that is recommended for all users nonetheless. However, going by the lengthy changelog, the update is anything but minor.

It brings USB 3.0 stability improvements, better graphics when running the Microsoft Office 2013 preview, Easy Install improvements for Microsoft Windows 8, and resolves an issue that caused the library and the Fusion start menu contents to get out of sync.

Some customers saw Mountain Lion guests display stale directory information when using HGFS, an issue that was resolved in VMware Fusion 5.0.2

An issue causing multi-monitor setups to act up on OS X 10.8 has been fixed. The error was triggered when Use All Displays in Full Screen was selected.

Some experienced an issue where the full screen shortcut key intermittently failed when Caps Lock was on. Others noticed a key repeat misbehavior (typematic) on certain versions of Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). All this is fixed too, says VMware.

If your Fusion installation quits when the network editor is open, this update should fix it. The same goes for errors when cancelling the import of OVF virtual machines.

Compatibility with some third-party apps has been restored. The graphics issues encountered with Autodesk Inventor, Altium Designer, and Solidworks should be gone. Other fixes are listed below, followed by a handy download link for VMware Fusion 5.0.2.

- Fixed an issue installing on Macs with a user or group named "0".

- Fixed error compiling HGFS on Linux 3.6 kernels.

- Changed the selection color in the library icon view.

- Renamed the Pause key menu item to aid with accessibility and automation.

- Fixed an issue importing a Parallels virtual machine that has no network devices.

- Resolved an issue that caused the PC Migration Assistant to not complete when migrating a Windows PC.

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