Download UC Browser 8.9 for Java (Test Version)

The new version comes with Incognito Browsing and Search Bar

By on January 17th, 2013 10:46 GMT

The folks at UCWeb have just released a new version of their most popular mobile application, UC Browser for Java.

Keep in mind that this is a test version, so you might find it a bit unstable or buggy. According to developers, UC Browser 8.9 comes with a new feature called Incognito Browsing, which will not record browsing history while active.

The new iteration also features a new Search Bar, improvements to Select and Copy function (user can now see how many words they select in real time) and a Text Box which offers better support for non-English QWERTY keyboards and virtual keypads.

The following bugs found in previous versions have been fixed as well:

- The “next” button gives no response when found in page on touch phone;
- Can’t save picture in some cases;
- Some Web sites open error;
- User Interface problems in night mode.

UC Browser 8.9 (test version) is now available as a free download via Softpedia and it should be fully compatible with all Java phones. Check it out here.