Download UC Browser 7.9 for Symbian & Java

The new browser flavor comes with enhancements, fixes, new features

UC Browser is already one of the fastest and most popular mobile browsers in the world, and a new version of the application is now available for download for the owners of handsets running under Symbian and Java.

The team behind the application announced the availability of the new release with a great deal of enhancements and new features, so that the browsing experience that users receive while navigating the Internet is a better one.

One of the features that were included in the new UC Browser 7.9 is Auto Notification between night mode and day mode.

The browser will notify users to make a switch between the two modes in accordance to the specific time of day they are using the browser.

With the new UC Browser 7.9, more powerful bookmarks capabilities are available for all users, so that they would be able to take their navigation along whenever they go.

With the new application release, the development team has added support for more languages, and the browser is now available for users in a number of over 145 countries.

The owners of Java handsets will be able to select the language they want during the installation process. The future is expected to bring along support for a wide range of languages.

In addition to these enhancements, the new application release also comes with a series of fixes and optimizations, including:

- Fixed access connection timeout error : Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.

- Fixed image loading failure: Fixed timeout error in loading image.

- Optimized Cache management: Cache will be adjusted automatically. You don’t need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.

Another important improvement that the new version of UC Browser 7.9 for Symbian and Java brings forth is support for more picture formats. There is a WebP image format supported now, 40 percent smaller than the jpeg image of similar quality.

Download the new UC Browser 7.9 for Symbian

Download the new UC Browser 7.9 for Java

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