Download Twitter 10.3 for BlackBerry 10

The new app release brings support for photos in direct messages

An updated flavor of the Twitter application is now available for download for the owners of BlackBerry 10 devices, namely version 10.3.

The updated mobile application has already landed in the BlackBerry World portal, with a nice range of enhancements packed inside, capable of providing users with a new, better experience when it comes to staying on top of news right on their devices.

One of the main changes included in the new release is support for Draft Tweet, which means that users will be able to save their thoughts for later if they get distracted and cannot tweet right away.

Additionally, owners of BlackBerry 10 devices will be able to swipe the Timeline to Activity and Discover tabs, which should result in faster access to content.

The new application iteration also comes to handsets with a series of photo enhancements packed inside, including support for photos in Direct Message.

On top of that, users will be provided with the possibility to toggle pictures on/off in the home Timeline, while also enjoying Retake/Edit picture options in Tweet composer.

Thus, users can make sure that they managed to snap the perfect shot to be shared with others on the microblogging social network.

The update comes with age gating too, which means that user's age will be verified when following certain brands and products.

On top of that, the new Twitter 10.3 for BlackBerry 10 arrives on devices with a series of performance improvements, which ensure that users receive faster access to content.

The new Twitter version 10.3 application has been made available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets out there and offers support for OS version 10.0 and higher.

Twitter is one of the most important applications available on BlackBerry 10 devices, since it is capable of keeping users on top of news and content from their favorite sources.

With the official Twitter app on their smartphones, people can easily connect with other users out there, express themselves, and discover what's happening around the world.

The app also allows them to connect with people and brands and also provides them with unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.

In addition to keeping users in the loop with what’s new out there with real-time stories, the app also brings pictures, videos, conversations, ideas and inspiration to their mobile devices.

You can download Twitter for BlackBerry 10 from Softpedia today. The application is up for grabs as version at the moment and is free for all users.

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