Download These Six Mac Apps for Free – Limited Time Offer

MacCleanse, Hider, Tunes Cleaner, Musictube, Picturesque, Colorado Desktops is offering the digital equivalent of a six-pack completely free of charge to Mac users who don’t mind leaving their email address for future notification. Interested parties are instructed to act swiftly, as the offer won’t be around for much longer.

The six applications bundled by would normally amount to $90 / €70, but if you punch in a valid email address on their site, they’ll give you free download links to the full version of each app.

But enough about the money you’ll save. The reality is you can just as easily save a cool hundred by keeping it in your wallet, period.

The main benefit here has to do with the apps themselves. You only save the aforementioned sum of cash (or part of it) if you really need these apps (or some of them).

To help you decide, here’s a bit of info in each of these utilities. Yes, utilities. No one bundles Photoshop to give it away for free in colorful campaigns, so don’t get too excited.

First on the list is MacCleanse, a powerful cleaning utility that keeps your hard drive free of clutter. It normally sells for a lot more than $0.00, so if you need to wipe files with US Department of Defense level security, this one’s a must-have.

Next in line is Hider, developed by the fine gents at MacPaw Inc. in Ukraine. As the developers themselves say, Hider is “the easy way to hide files and folders.”

Now that you know what it does, you can download it for free on your Mac via this offer. Windows users have enjoyed this functionality free of charge for far too long.

Tunes Cleaner instantly adds missing album artwork, finds information about songs and artists, and even deletes duplicate songs. Think of it as MacCleanse for iTunes. The regular asking price for this app is insane to say the least ($30 / €25).

App #4, Musictube, plays full albums or even full discographies from YouTube integrating artist pictures, album covers and lyrics in a typical media-player interface.

Picturesque is an Apple Design Award winner that “makes images gorgeous for your website,” whatever that means. What we gather is that if you need a simple photo retouching app and don’t want to pay for it, you can now download Picturesque for free.

Last on the list of free apps is Colorado Desktops / Seldomridge Desktops, which seems to be the only one of these six applications that comes with a fair price – $3.99. Pay once and get hundreds of breathtaking images to use as a wallpaper or screen-saver on your Mac.

Shot by professional photographer Richard Seldomridge in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Seldomridge Desktops gets updated on a regular basis with new sets of images. Naturally, the updates as free, and so is the app itself if you grab it now.

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