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Powerful remote-computing / collaboration solution overhauled

TeamViewer 8 is out with a ton of new features and enhancements for Mac OS X. Collaboration is easier than ever before with session comments, the ability to share select groups with other accounts, session recording, remote sound and video, automatic login and logout, Retina support and more.

TeamViewer users can now enter their comments immediately after closing the remote control session. All the information is documented in the TeamViewer Management Console.

Users who provide a service together with colleagues can now share individual groups on their computers & contacts list with the team, with read / write permissions being individually set.

You can record both sound and video in online meetings, as well as remote control sessions “for proofs and training in the near and distant future.” Or to use as evidence to get someone fired.

“Hear (only connections to Windows computer) and see what is happening on the remote computer, whether it is a system sound, music, or videos,” reads another bullet point for version 8.0.

People who work in TeamViewer can now show participants a video in real-time during an online presentation. The computer needs decent specs and a connection to the Internet for this feature to work as advertised.

Also note that real-time video transmission is only possible in licensed connections.

Other enhancements include remote account logout, the ability to automatically log out of operating systems after remote access, and the option to automatically add users to the Computers & Contacts-list (just like on the Windows version) via the customized QuickSupport module.

TeamViewer 8 is also optimized for Retina displays, with the developers explaining, “Retina displays are liquid crystal displays with a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice pixilation at a typical viewing distance.”

A trio of “completely new” features is also listed for the TeamViewer Management Console:

- web-based administration of your entire support team

- integrated TeamViewer Web Connector

- expanded TeamViewer Manager features

Download TeamViewer 8 (Free)

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