Download Swype Beta 1.4.0 for Android

Now with Smart Editor and enhanced Living Language

A new flavor of the Swype Beta application is now available for download for devices running under Google’s Android 2.2 or newer operating system.

Released as version 1.4.0, the new app flavor brings along a new set of features meant to ensure that users’ typing is made easier and faster than before.

One of these is the Smart Editor, which was designed to suggest new words for specific sentences, provided that they would make more sense in the context, the company explains.

“After you finish a sentence with punctuation, Smart Editor examines words in your sentence and determines if another previously suggested word makes more sense,” Swype says.

“Words are underlined within the text field to prompt you to tap on them and select the word we think is more likely. We look forward to hearing what you think of Smart Editor!”

Another enhancement that the company has packed inside the new Beta release is related to Living Language, which was developed to crowd-source relevant and trending words.

According to the company, the feature is made available only to those users who opt in for it, and won’t affect the experience of those who don’t.

“We've updated Living Language to include functionality whereby relevant and trending words are crowd-sourced and made available to Swype Beta users who opt-in to the service,” the company notes.

“Users who do not opt-in upon installation of Swype Beta will not contribute to nor be affected by Living Language words.”

Another change in the latest app release is the fact that users are no longer required to sign in when trying to download the beta version of Swype.

According to the company, the restriction was removed by popular demand, and that more users will now have access to the Swype Beta Installer that will download Swype Beta on their phones.

Users are also able to delete their accounts in Swype Beta, which will not affect their Personal Dictionary Backup & Sync user accounts.

The new Swype Beta 1.4.0 for Android can be found on Softpedia as well, via this link.

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