Download Sony’s Free iOS eBooks App with Bonus Story by Kim Harrison

“Never be caught without a story with Reader for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch”

Sony Electronics Inc. has ousted a new iOS application for reading fans. Competing with Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks apps directly, Reader from Sony is a free download and comes with a bonus story from urban fantasy author Kim Harrison.

“Never be caught without a story with Reader for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch! The free Reader app offers easy navigation for convenient and entertaining digital reading,” says Sony Electronics Inc.

“The intuitive app design is ideal for readers on the move, so get reading wherever you are!” the company adds.

Those who download the app today will receive an exclusive short story from bestselling and celebrated urban fantasy author, Kim Harrison, Sony says.

The electronics company touts a few noteworthy features, such as the ability to create and edit bookmarks as you read, access to your Reader library, a personalized collection of books and intuitive library management, options for Day and Night reading modes, and more.

Offering a “natural, book-like reading experience,” Reader by Sony Electronics features intuitive navigation that “makes using the app as easy as the turn of a page,” according to the Japanese company.

You can also adjust the font size and contrast to make Reader easy on the eyes.

iDevice owners will find many of these features in Apple’s own iBooks application, but for those who prefer Sony’s dark-colored book shelves with their respective line of titles, Reader – eBooks from Sony is a no-brainer.

Early adopters reportedly experienced some issues with the app, but Sony assures everyone that the problems encountered with customers activating their iOS devices have been resolved. “If you were affected, please try again,” Sony says.

The app is universal (for both iPhone and iPad) and displays full-screen on the iPhone 5. It requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Download Reader – eBooks from Sony (Free)

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