Download Salix OS 13.37 With MATE

Brings good ol' GNOME 2.32.x to all Salix OS users

George Vlahavas from the Salix OS development team, proudly announced last evening, May 9th, that a new edition of the Salix OS 13.37 operating system is now available for download, featuring the MATE desktop environment.

Salix OS 13.37 MATE is a flavor of the Salix operating system, which is based on the Slackware 13.37 Linux distribution.

"Salix MATE 13.37 is now officially released! Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, this release introduces the MATE Desktop Environment. For anyone not familiar with MATE, it's a GNOME2 fork, that continues development of the GNOME 2.x branch."

"MATE uses the traditional desktop metaphor that was abandoned for newer GNOME 3.x releases. All of the GNOME parts that have been forked have been renamed, so that they don't conflict with GNOME 3.x applications, but otherwise the functionality and behavior is exactly the same as it was in GNOME 2.32.x." - was stated in the official release announcement.

Just like the main version of Salix OS 13.37, the MATE edition offers three installation modes: full, basic and core.

The full mode installs all the packages included on the ISO image, providing a complete MATE desktop environment with the Atril document viewer, the MATE power manager, the Engrampa archive manager, the MATE system utilities and many more.

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Salix OS 13.37 MATE

The basic mode will install a basic MATE desktop, with the Caja file manager, the MATE preferences tools,  the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and a nice collection of Salix system utilities, including Gslapt package manager and Sourcery Slackbuild manager, and a few panel applets.

On the other hand, the core mode offers the same installation as in all other Salix OS editions.

Salix OS 13.37 MATE is distributed as installed CD-size ISO images for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. A LiveCD version will be released soon!

Download Salix OS 13.37 MATE right now from Softpedia.

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