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Security release patches almost a dozen flaws affecting the player on Windows PCs

Apple on Wednesday evening rolled out a new version of its QuickTime media player application for Windows PC customers. Plugging several vulnerabilities discovered in the software by security researchers, QuickTime 7.7.3 for Windows is now a more reliable application.

“QuickTime 7.7.3 improves security and is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users on Windows.”

There are no new features to be had with this update – not even minor UI tweaks, or changes to the app’s core functionality.

7.7.3 is a 100% security update for Windows customers playing their favorite music, videos and films using Apple’s minimalistic media playing application.

The Cupertino giant directs customers to its Support site ( for information on the security content of the update.

Almost a dozen vulnerabilities are listed as discovered and patched within the Windows implementation of QuickTime.

Most of them could lead to an “unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution” after viewing a maliciously crafted file, or visiting a maliciously crafted website.

In the same manner, most of the issues presented in Apple’s advisory are addressed through improved bounds checking. It is worth noting that none of the flaws affect Apple’s OS X operating systems.

Apple also includes an “Important Notice to QuickTime 6 Pro Users” explaining that paid functionality in Pro installations will be erased by upgrading to QuickTime 7.

“Installing QuickTime 7 or later will disable the QuickTime Pro functionality in prior versions of QuickTime, such as QuickTime 6.”

“If you are a QuickTime 6 Pro user and you proceed with this installation, you will need to purchase a QuickTime 7 Pro registration code in order to regain QuickTime Pro functionality,” the company notes.

“After installation, visit the Apple Online Store to purchase a QuickTime 7 Pro registration code.”

QuickTime 7.7.3 for Windows requires Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

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