Download Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android

With a host of new features, support for x86 architecture

Today, Opera Software made official a new flavor of their Opera Mobile for Android browser, namely 12.1, which brings a host of enhancements, new features and expanded support.

The new Opera Mobile for Android builds are already available for download for those who would like to give the browser a try, with all the goodies packed inside, the company notes.

Some of the most important improvements in the new mobile browser release would be CSS features, CSS Animation and Flexbox Support, along with newly added HTML5 features, Drag & Drop and Clipboard API.

Moreover, Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android arrives with WebSockets, which should provide a better two-way communication between the mobile phone and other web server applications, along with SPDY protocol, designed to make the fetching of webpages more efficient.

There is also a Fraud Protection included in the new application iteration, one that will provide a warning when webpages have been marked as suspicious or when they are being used for illicit activities.

Another important enhancement in the new app flavor is the support for x86 architectures, which should prove great for those who purchased a Motorola RAZR i handset, which packs an Intel processor inside.

The changelog for the new Opera Mobile for Android release also includes

Improved Standards Support:

- Updated implementation for CSS Transitions

- Updated Media Queries implementation

- Added support for contentEditable/designMode

Improved compatibility:

- Support a selection of webkit prefixed and unprefixed CSS properties

Added Architecture Support: MIPS

Other improvements:

- Support CPU Filtering in Google Play store

- Reduces Binary Size

Those who download and install the new flavor of Opera Mobile on their devices are encouraged to provide feedback on their experience, so that more improvements could be added into the mix.

The new Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android is available for download from Softpedia as well, via this link.

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