Download Opera 11.62 Final for Linux

The final version of Opera 11.62 is now available for download!

Opera Software proudly announced a few minutes ago the immediate availability for download of the Opera 11.62 web browser for Linux, and Macintosh, and Windows.

As it brings lots of fixes in many areas (mail, news, chat, network, user interface, security) and various stability and security improvements, Opera 11.62 is a recommended update for all Opera users.

"We have just released Opera 11.62 and want to thank you all for helping testing it out. This release is primarily a security update, but we have also collected tons of crash fixes and other high visibility bugs."

"We were even able to sneak in a performance improvement. 11.62 is a recommended security and stability update." - was stated in the blog announcement.

Highlights of Opera 11.62:

User interface:

· Last used Find inline type was added for the "Find in page" function;

· Added support for SVG and PDF options in the GTK print dialog;

· Added GTK toolkit support for FreeBSD 9;

· Sluggish file dialog added in the GTK interface;

· Made Opera's clipboard compatible with VirtualBox, Synergy, rdesktop, VNC and VMware;

· The loading order of resources is now more efficient;

· Window control buttons now appear when the close button on tabs is disabled;

· Address field focus is no longer lost after Opera restart when extensions were installed via a toolbar button;

· Turkish, Hungarian and Czech language strings were updated.

Mail, news, chat:

· Made the selected message more consistent when switching the layout;

· Speed up the switching and scrolling view is multi-address messages are used;

· Repaired navigation message list crash;

· Autoselect the last selected message after Opera restart.

Display and scripting:

· Correctly decode various progressive JPEGs;

· Fixed a UserJSEvent crash on Dragonfly;

· Scrolling on Facebook chat was fixed;

· Remember the position of text course if a search match was clicked inside a textarea;

· Correctly display IDNs that start with a number;

· Fixed an error message which was shown when emails were sent to;

· Fixed a crash if a message was posted to the extension background process.


· Fixed support for Shift+F5 and Ctrl+F5 to force reload a web page in order to bypass the cache;

· The URL Turbo mode header reduction no longer generates invalid HTTP messages.

Review image
Opera 11.62 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Moreover, a multi-byte encoding improvement in the Presto 2.10 rendering engine was added, as well as six security improvements, which can be viewed here.

Download Opera 11.62 right now from Softpedia.

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