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Opera 11.11 is now available for download. As users might have already guessed, this release is nothing more than an update to Opera 11.10 which the company launched in the first half of April 2011.

Formerly codenamed Barracuda, Opera 11.11 will improve the experience of users that have been leveraging version 11.10 for the past month.

Still, the .01 increase in terms of the build string is illustrative of the fact that users experiences won’t be kicked up a notch in a major way. Not that anybody should expect this from a minor refresh.

“Opera 11.11 (build 2109) has been released today. This is a security and stability update,” revealed Helge Gjølme, from the Opera Desktop team.

“Autoupdate might not check for updates frequently enough, so if you don't get the new build, please check for updates manually via "Help > Check for updates".”

Concomitantly with the release, Opera Software also shared the Opera 11.11 for Windows changelog with the public.

As far as security patches are concerned, Opera 11.11 resolves “an issue with framesets that could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by an anonymous contributor working with the SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program,” the Norway-based browser vendor noted.

The remaining fixes introduced in Opera 11.11 are related exclusively to improving the reliability of the browser. A range of bugs have been resolved across various components of Opera, including UI, display and scripting, mail and network.

End users are advised to make the jump to Opera 11.11 as fast as possible. Early adopters also have something new from Opera Software to play with, also a release featuring a “fish species” in the codename.

Earlier this month the Norwegian browser maker made available for download the first Alpha development snapshot of codenamed Swordfish.

Codenamed Swordfish is the successor of codenamed Barracuda and will end up as Opera 11.5 when it will be released for the public.

Opera 11.11 and Opera 11.5 Alpha for Windows are available for download here.

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