Download Opera 10.50 pre-Beta for Windows - Acid3 100/100

Build 3236

Get ready to download and test-drive Opera 10.50 Beta. Of course, the first fully-fledged Beta development milestone of Opera 10.50 is not available for download at this point in time. However, the release is literally just around the corner, with all indications pointing to the fact that Opera Software might release the Beta build by the end of this week, or next week at the latest, even though the browser maker has yet to make public a specific delivery deadline.

Opera Software is simply on a roll since the end of the past week when it delivered two pre-Beta development snapshots of Opera 10.50 at a distance of just two days. Well, the Norway-based browser maker outdid itself, and made available two new Builds of Opera 10.50 pre-Beta on February 8th, 2010. Opera 10.50 pre-Beta Build 3236 is the latest release of the browser.

“We've fixed a few crash bugs, and Carakan has been updated to made sure Acid3 shows 100/100. Middle-click scrolling should also be working,” revealed a member of the Opera Desktop team. “If you are having problems with Java, please check that the Java plugin is listed in opera:plugins, and that you are using Java 1.6 (not 1.4 or 1.5).”

Just hours ago, Opera 10.50 pre-Beta Build 3234 was released to testers. “We're still working hard on getting a beta version of Opera 10.50 ready for Windows. Here is the latest snapshot with some nice bug fixes. This includes the return of Java. Opera is now using the Java Plug-in instead of native Java,” noted Opera’s Helge Gjølme.

Both Build 3236 and 3234 are available exclusively for Windows users. Opera Software already explained that it was giving Opera 10.50 for Windows the highest priority, and that it would deliver the next iteration of its browser for users of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system first. Only after Opera 10.50 for Windows is made generally available, will the browser maker start focusing on the Mac OS X and Linux releases.

Opera 10.50 pre-Beta Build 3236 for Windows is available for download here.

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