Download OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP4 – Developer News

Update adds a new installation screen, new LinkedIn functionality, and more

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 is now available for download from Apple’s servers. The software features a number of minor changes, including the ability to make quick LinkedIn posts to Connections via Notification Center.

In the invitation to download OS X Mavericks DP4, Apple says, “Take advantage of new features, like APIs that optimize the new energy saving technologies in OS X Mavericks, as well as new AV Kit frameworks, Sprite Kit, Map Kit, and many powerful additions to existing frameworks.”

“OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 is available as an update from the Mac App Store for systems running OS X Mavericks Developer Preview. To learn more, review the attached release notes,” the company adds.

A lengthy changelog accompanies the release, but not all changes are directly disclosed in the documentation.

For example, developers who’ve had an early glimpse at the new software say you can now make quick LinkedIn posts from Notification Center (to Connections).

The installation screen is different as well. A new Time Machine icon has been included, and pages are now scrollable in Mission Control (such as browser windows).

Mavericks is still full of bugs though, as evidenced in the list of Known Issues included by Apple in the seed notes.

For instance, it may be necessary to refresh the App Store Purchases page to make Developer Preview 4 appear in the list of purchases.

Network migration from earlier versions of OS X requires a Migration Update (available from the Mac Dev Center), while Network Migration over Wi-Fi may fail, Apple says.

iCloud Keychain also doesn’t work properly. Developers are instructed to force quit System Preferences and retry in case a blank sheet appears.

Those attempting to use Adobe After Effects CS6 with Mavericks DP4 are out of luck because, according to those who’ve seen the release notes, Apple says it doesn’t work properly.

OS X Mavericks DP4 is available from the Mac App Store to registered Apple developers. To download Mavericks for the first time, visit the Mac Dev Center with your developer credentials in hand to redeem a code (whenever Apple decides to take it back online, following the recently reported hack).

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