Download Nokia Reader for Series 40 Beta

The new application puts updates straight to the phone's home screen

Owners of Series 40 (Touch & Type) devices from Nokia can now stay on top of things that interest them easier than before, straight from the home screen of their devices.

Nokia has just announced the availability of a beta flavor of its Nokia Reader for Series 40 application, meant to easily bring local news to user’s screens.

Through the new Nokia Reader for Series 40, you can “follow your favorite local news quickly and easily from your phone's home screen,” Nokia explains.

“The news is always fresh and you don't need to worry about battery consumption, thanks to Nokia Notifications. And with only two clicks you can open a story in the Nokia Browser to read and explore more,” the company continues.

The new mobile software was designed to keep users up to date with local and international news, and to provide them with easy access to Internet as well.

Moreover, the app was meant to offer cloud storage for users’ selections, is battery-friendly, offers support for the Nokia Browser, and can put the latest topics on home screen.

The Nokia Reader application was built specifically for Nokia’s Series 40 Touch-and-Type mobile phones. The company notes that the software was already tested on handsets such as Nokia C2-02, Nokia X3-02, Nokia C3-01, Nokia Asha 303 and Nokia Asha 300.

“Nokia Reader is simple to set up: just start it and the nearby content starts to automatically flow in. You can also select your favorite news sources from the online directory of the major news sources,” the handset vendor explains.

Users who will download and install the new application on their devices are also encouraged to offer feedback on their experience, so that more improvements will be made.

You can learn some more info on Nokia Reader for Series 40 Beta through the video embedded below. The application is available for download from Softpedia via this link.

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