Download Newser 2.2 for Windows Phone

An easy to use app to keep you in the loop with important news

Owners of devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system can now download and install a new flavor of the Newser application, namely version 2.2.

Just as its name suggests, the mobile client provides users with access to important stories on the go, and the new app iteration is meant to enhance the experience provided to them.

Unlike other news readers, however, the app will offer access to around “60 of the most essential, entertaining, and delightfully quirky news items” each day, so that users would benefit from a glimpse at the most important events of the day.

“And at just two paragraphs each, our sharply written stories pack in only the most interesting details—none of the boring stuff—and are quick and easy to digest, especially on the go,” the app’s description reads.

Newser's writers and editors are those who select these stories, while also reformatting the content for mobile, using the app’s signature grid.

According to Newser, the Windows Phone app “lets eye-catching photos and short and snappy headlines do the talking, providing a vivid snapshot of the day's news.”

The latest flavor of the application brought along the possibility to read AP articles, the software’s release notes unveil.

Furthermore, the team of developers behind the app also packed it with a “What's New” page, as well as with a series of bug fixes and other improvements. One of the resolved issues was related to the special characters in comments, it seems.

The new flavor of the mobile client also brought along improved reliability of the push notification feature (tile updates and toast notifications).

The mobile application is listed in the Windows Phone Store portal as available for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Newser 2.2 for Windows Phone weighs only 1MB, and can be installed for free on the aforementioned devices.

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