Download New and Improved VueScan 8.6.33 for Mac OS X

Adds support for Nikon LS-8000/LS-9000 'Scanner | Calibrate,' and for HP 6200C lamp off

Hamrick Software has issued VueScan 8.6.33, an update to its powerful scanning utility for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The new release adds support for new devices, improves compatibility with those it already supports, and fixes various issues reported by users.

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991 by Ed Hamrick, Hamrick Software developed VueSmart, which later became VueScan. The software supports flatbed and film scanners, as well as several digital camera RAW file types. It automatically adjusts images to an optimum color balance, and is designed to produce colors that look true to life. It includes a built-in color calibration of scanners, offering options for scanning faded slides and prints, batch scanning, IT8 color calibration and other advanced scanning features, and supports more than 100 brands of negative films.

Version 8.6.33 of the software adds support for Nikon LS-8000/LS-9000 'Scanner | Calibrate,' and for HP 6200C lamp off. The update also improves speed with Minolta Scan Dual IV, calibration with Minolta Scan Dual IV, and the 'Prefs | Option panel width' option. Fixes for this release are listed below:

- Fixed problem with 'Crop | Multi crop';

- Fixed problem with HP PSC 2400;

- Fixed problem with 'Input | Lock exposure';

- Fixed problem with 'Input | Lock film base color';

- Fixed problem with 'Input | Lock image color.'

Version 8.6.31, released just over a week ago, added support for more Canon Laser MFPs, including MF4270; MF4010; MF4360; MF4600; MF5800 and MF6600.

How to download and use VueScan

In order to upgrade an existing copy of VueScan, customers simply need to download the latest version either from the developer’s website, or from Softpedia, and double-click the resulted DMG file. After dragging the new version to their Applications folder, VueScan will automatically recognize an existing license. Hamrick Software’s policies say that upgrades to new versions are free in the first year after one purchases the Standard Edition, while those who purchase the Professional Edition always get these upgrades for free. When you first download and install the program, VueScan runs in trial mode.

The VueScan User's Guide (also available in PDF) assists you in learning more information about how to put the software to good use. There is also a list of supported scanners located here. VueScan is available for the following operating systems: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.5, 10.4, 10.3; Windows 7, Vista, x64, XP, 2000, NT; Windows 95, 98, ME; Linux (built with Ubuntu 8.10); Linux (built with Red Hat 9).

Download VueScan for Mac (Update / Trial / Buy)

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