Download Mozilla Firefox 18.0 for Linux

Mozilla Firefox 18.0 will be officially released this week!

Mozilla uploaded a few hours ago, January 7, the final packages of the Mozilla Firefox 18.0 web browser for all supported platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Actually, Mozilla Firefox 18.0 was supposed to be officially announced by Mozilla on January 6, but there is no release announcement for it at the time of writing this.

However, you can download the final version of Mozilla Firefox 18.0 right now (see download link at the end of the article) from the official Mozilla FTP servers, for your desired operating system.

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox 18.0:

· Faster JavaScript performance, thanks to the IonMonkey compiler;

· Initial support for WebRTC;

· Implemented CSS3 Flexbox;

· Implemented a new HTML scaling algorithm for better image quality when browsing websites;

· Better tab switching performance;

· Support for the new window.devicePixelRatio DOM property;

· Added support for @supports;

· Startup time improvements, thanks to smart handling of signed extension certificates;

· Added support for W3C touch events, replacing MozTouch events;

· Fixed bug 62178, to prevent insecure content from loading on secure pages (HTTPS);

· Fixed bug 769764, which removes the synchronous DNS resolution and synchronous proxy API from nsProxyAutoConfig.js, for better web experiences when using proxies.

Download Mozilla Firefox 18.0 for Linux binaries and sources right now from Softpedia. Also, don't forget to visit our always up-to-date Firefox Extensions section for the latest add-ons.

On the other hand, those of you who want to go adventurous and install the current Beta release of Mozilla Firefox, which will be version 19.0 in the next days, using our step-by-step, universal tutorial (with screenshots) about how to install Firefox Beta on Ubuntu.

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