Download the Microsoft Surface Ad Theme Song for Free

Microsoft lets users download The Surface Movement music at no cost

Microsoft’s The Surface Movement TV commercial seems to be much more appealing than you’d be tempted to believe.

After the ad has been officially named the most effective tablet ad rolled out this year, Microsoft decided to release the theme song and let you use it as a ringtone.

The Redmond-based technology company posted the announcement on its Facebook page, but the song can be downloaded via its very own SoundCloud account.

While Microsoft wants all users to download this song to their devices, consumers who are trying to get it on their Windows Phone claim the download link is not working, so the only way to use it as a ringtone is to actually get it on your PC and then transfer it to the handheld device.

In the meantime, if you haven’t pre-ordered a Surface yet, don’t even bother to go over to the Microsoft Store page, as all versions are sold out.

You can still get one from your traditional Microsoft Store or even reserve it with the help of special reservation passes.

The Microsoft Surface TV spot is apparently enjoying great success on the Internet, as video advertising analysis firm Ace Metrix named it the most effective tablet ad of 2012.

“iPhoria is wearing off in the tablet market, and the introduction of the Surface has given Microsoft quite a few 'cool' points among consumers. The new Surface ads have flipped the 'Mac vs. PC' campaign on its head introducing intense aspiration among consumers, as evidenced by very high 'change,' 'desire,' and 'attention' Ace scores,” Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, said in a statement.

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