Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Available here!

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2008 to manufacturing, and concomitantly with this milestone of the development suite, made available for download the final version of .NET Framework 3.5. Together with Visual Studio 2008, the .NET Framework 3.5 is an integer part of the company's commitment to support developers with the necessary resources to enable them to build, not only software products but also services, on Windows Vista, the Office 2007 System and Windows Server 2008, as well as the web. As of now, Visual Studio 2008 RTM, has been made available exclusively to MSDN subscribers, but the same is not valid for the .NET Framework 3.5.

"For over 15 years, Microsoft has delivered visual design surfaces that enable developers to graphically author even the most complex applications. Visual Studio continues Microsoft's commitment to making its platform more accessible and developers more productive with integrated designers for .NET Framework 3.5 components such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)," revealed S. "Soma" Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft.

The .NET Framework is offered by the Redmond company as a managed code programming model. The process of building application for a range of Microsoft platforms from Windows clients to server offerings and to embedded devices is streamlined via the .NET Framework. Essentially, .NET Framework 3.5 comes as a collection of incremental additions to previous versions of the resource including .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0. You will be able to download .NET Framework 3.5 via this link right here on Softpedia.

"The Global Launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 on Feb. 27, 2008 will provide a great opportunity to highlight how our customers are making the most of Visual Studio 2008 and demonstrate how they can benefit from the power of the full Microsoft application platform, including Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. You'll also see how our partners are delivering great products that extend and enhance Visual Studio 2008. But remember -- don't wait. Visual Studio 2008 is available right now to MSDN subscribers, and will be available soon to other customers through our various other channels", Somasegar added.

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