Download Latest Intel Graphics Driver for Sandy Bridge CPUs

Intel HD Graphics Display Driver for Windows Vista/7

Anyone who owns a desktop personal computer or laptop powered by an Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 central processing unit (CPU) may want to get the latest graphics driver.

The GMA HD component of these chips isn't exactly all that powerful, especially compared to notebook discrete cards and desktop add-in boards.

Though they have no trouble with multimedia and web browsing, one shouldn't expect them to do much in graphically-heavy games, especially the most recent titles.

As such, acquiring the latest driver is all the more important, since every little performance boost is needed.

Granted, the Intel HD graphics display driver is not so much a performance enhancer, but a bug squasher.

Intel has made two versions of this driver available for download, one for Vista/Windows 7 x32 and the other for Vista64/Windows 7 x64.

They each address different issues that were reported under Microsoft's operating system on one of the supported processors.

- Intel Core i3 Mobile Processor

- Intel Core i3 Processor

- Intel Core i5 Mobile Processor

- Intel Core i5 Processor

- Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor

- Intel Pentium Processor

One should make sure to get the correct version of the driver from either of the two links below.

Issues resolved by Intel HD Graphics Display Driver for Vista/Windows 7 x32

- Stripe and unusual color video displayed when applied rewind

- When use Interstage Studio Satndard-J Edition, driver stops

- Display panel Switches To 50Hz On Battery Power, when the power plan is set not to change refresh rate

Issues resolved by Intel HD Graphics Display Driver for Vista64/Windows 7 x64

- PowerDVD playback screen becomes green noisy screen when pressing the rewind button while playing interlaced Blu-ray

- Windows Vista/Win7 Stripe and unusual color video would be displayed when rewinding playback

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