Download Iceland Theme for Windows 7

Bring a cold, arctic breeze to your computer’s desktop

The summer is almost over, yet heat’s reign is not over just yet, and many are looking for various ways to cool a bit and calm down.

Windows 7 users can do so in a simple manner now, through downloading and installing the latest theme that Microsoft has made available for them.

As all other similar personalization features for the platform, the new theme comes with a set of high-resolution images capable of easily impressing everyone.

Although present only on the desktop of the PCs, the arctic landscapes are sure to calm you down when needed, and to provide a chilling feeling.

The theme includes photographs shot by Hans Strand, depicting various aspects of the Icelandic landscape: icy waters, green slopes, waterfalls, solitary rocks, and more.

You might never have the chance to actually visit these cold lands, but you can have a look at them today, courtesy of this free set of images included in the Iceland theme.

“Gigantic arctic waterfalls, glacial blue waters, majestic fjords, masses of green hills, cavernous craters, and active volcanoes: it must be Iceland,” Microsoft describes the new theme.

“See all of this and more with this free Windows 7 theme featuring stunning images of the Icelandic landscape from photographer Hans Strand.”

On its website, Microsoft warns that all Windows 7 themes have been designed only for use on PCs that run under Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

However, the same as with many other themes before this one, we should note that those who have already adopted Windows 8 are also be able to get the Icelandic imagery on their desktops.

The new Iceland theme for Windows 7 can be downloaded from Softpedia as well, via this link. Other themes inspired by the arctic lands are also available, along with various other similar personalization options for the users of Microsoft’s platform.


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