Download Huge Borderlands 2 Patch Now on Xbox 360, Soon on PC and PS3 Updated

The update solves the badass rank reset glitch and many other bugs

Borderlands 2 has just received a brand new patch on the Xbox 360 platform and will soon get the update on the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms. It fixes the lost Badass Rank data and prevents a variety of glitches from happening during certain missions.

 The patch is now available for download on PC (via Steam) and PS3 (via PSN).

Borderlands 2 came out back in September and had a pretty successful release, although several issues soon appeared that disrupted the experience of many players, who soon found that their Badass ranks were reset or that they were getting stuck during certain missions.

Now, developer Gearbox has posted a brand new update for the game, which should finally solve the Badass rank problem, while fixing a wide variety of other skills.

The patch is already available for Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360 and should roll out for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game later today.

Many changes are included in the update so check out the full list of modifications below, via Gearbox's support page.


Modified profile behavior to better protect Badass Rank and related data.

Added functionality to detect and restore Badass Rank in the event it was lost. To ensure you are credited for as much progress as possible, please load your character, select "Continue" on the Main Menu, and then "Save and Quit" after you enter the world. Repeat this process for each character in your character list.

Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes crash or freeze after killing Master Gee in the Captain Scarlett DLC.

Added a confirmation dialog when opening the Golden Chest in Sanctuary.

Fixed a bug causing players to sometimes get stuck zoomed in when in "Fight For Your Life" mode.

Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause skill points to be reset when loading a character.

Fixed a bug that could cause weapons to not stop firing when the "Gunzerking Autoswitch" option was enabled.

Fixed the Mechromancer's Anarchy skill sometimes losing stacks incorrectly for multiplayer clients.

Fixed some cases where enemies were getting stuck and unable to move.

“Inverted reverse steering" option now works correctly for clients in a multiplayer game.

Fixed an issue that could cause the trade icon to get stuck on the screen.

Fixed a bug where a splitscreen player would sometimes not receive the appropriate default weapon when creating a new character.

Fixed a bug that could cause the message "processing vehicle change request" to get stuck on the screen.


Fixed a bug that could cause enemies and missions to be locked to an incorrect level.

Fixed issues with the following missions that could cause players to get stuck or not be able to complete them:

Plan B

Wildlife Preservation

Mighty Morphin

Fink's Slaughterhouse

Animal Rescue: Food

The Man Who Would Be Jack

Get To Know Jack

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Trailer Trashing

Clan War: First Place

Stalker of Stalkers

The Once and Future Slab

Home Movies

Shielded Favors

You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party

(Captain Scarlett) Freedom of Speech

Fixed a bug where the player's active mission would sometimes fall back to main-game missions when completing other missions in DLC areas.

Fixed a bug that could cause mission waypoints to not display in DLC areas.

Reduced level of Captain Scarlett and Mr. Torgue DLC raid bosses in Normal Mode.

Captain Scarlett and Mr. Torgue DLC raid bosses no longer drop Seraph crystals in Normal Mode.

Fixed a bug where Master Gee (Captain Scarlett DLC) would sometimes not drop any items when killed.

Increased the health of Terramorphous, Willhelm, and Blue.

Addressed an infinite leveling exploit with Fleshstick.


Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose mission rewards that they had not claimed when switching between Normal mode and True Vault Hunter mode.

Fixed a bug causing the item-of-the-day not displaying "sold out" sometimes when opening a vending machine where the item had already been purchased.

Fixed a bug that could cause non-droppable inventory to be lost when trying to equip it from the world.

Fixed the player's backpack sort setting not persisting.

Fixed a bug that could cause players' backpacks to display empty under rare circumstances when trading.

Fixed a bug that could cause the critical hit bonus to inconsistently be included on the item card of weapons that modify this stat like Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch.

Fixed bug causing Tediore reloads to get Amplify shield damage bonuses for each round remaining in the clip.

Fixed an exploit giving the player unlimited grenades by picking up a specific grenade mod.

Fixed customization items getting sorted as "ammo" in the inventory.

Amplify damage from Amplify Shields is now divided among all projectiles fired from a single shot.

Balance adjustments to "The Bee":

Increased Recharge Delay

Significantly increased Recharge Rate

Reduced Amplify damage

Additional miscellaneous balance tweaks.


Added "(undiscovered)" entries to the challenge log for challenges that the player has not yet found.

Fixed challenges showing inaccurate completion amounts for area-specific challenges.

Players can now reset all challenge progress for a character once they've completed 85% of all non-DLC, non-area-specific challenge levels. This will keep the player's current challenge bonuses and rank, but reset all challenge progress to 0 and allow challenges to be re-completed for additional ranks and bonuses. This option will appear as a tooltip at the bottom of the “challenges” screen within the status menu if the player has met the criteria.

The update is rolling out across all platforms and you should receive it sometime today, December 13.

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