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Join Hangouts from the app, Huddle is now Messenger, more

Google’s social networking application for iOS device owners has been updated to version with new abilities, like joining Hangouts directly from the app, and sending photos in Messenger, which is the replacement of Huddle.

Providing fans with everything they need to stay in touch with their friends and family wherever they may find themselves, the Google+ application “makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler.”

Like the web-based service, the mobile app offers the flagship Circles feature, which lets you do what the above quote says, the ability to visit the stream to get updates from your circles, a Messenger app (formerly called Huddle), and Mobile Hangouts which lets you video chat with up to 9 friends.

New in version is: the ability to join Hangouts from the mobile app; Huddle is now called Messenger; you can now send photos in Messenger; +1 on comments; map view in profile for places you’ve lived; granular push notifications; and the ability to share a post with individuals.

Improvements and fixes include better reliability in Messenger, improved +mention support and public search for people, and several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Last month, Google updated their Plus application to include support for iPod touch and iPad. The August update also delivered a new set of settings for Huddle, aggregated circle add notifications, and performance and stability enhancements.

Google account holders using the Plus app for the first time can enter their credentials to log into Google+ instantly and start adding friends.

Those who don’t have an account will be able to create one in a few taps from the app’s interface, which means they can also start using the service right away.

Requiring iOS 4.0 or later, Google+ iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and can be downloaded from the Social Networking section of the iTunes App Store.

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