Download Google Currents 2.0 for Android

Makes it easier to scan through categories, hot topics

A new flavor of the Google Currents application is now available for download through the Google Play Store, with a nice range of enhancements packed inside.

The new software update is meant to provide users with faster scanning through categories, while also bringing forth a new catalog design.

According to Google, the new enhancements brought to Currents are meant to enable users to easily scan through categories and specific editions with the swipe of a finger.

Editions are grouped into categories in the new application version, so that one would be able to track subscriptions easier than before.

“Check out editions related to your interests through categories like Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle and more,” Mussie Shore, group product manager, explains in a blog post.

“All of your content will be grouped in these categories, accessible from a sidebar. And you can organize your editions in each category with favorites on top.”

Users will also be able to browse through top articles in a category easier than before, through swiping horizontally.

“If you subscribe to more than a dozen News editions like The Atlantic, ABC News and The Telegraph, you can quickly swipe through the entire category and dive into editions with articles of interest,” Mussie Shore explains.

Swiping vertically on their devices, on the other hand, will enable users to scan through the headlines in a particular edition.

The new flavor of Google Currents will also bring latest, hot news to the users’ screens, in categories such as World, Entertainment, Sports, Science and more, all customized to the country and language.

“You’ll find new articles from hot topics that interest you, while discovering existing Currents editions you can subscribe to. Breaking stories are customized to your country and language—so we’ll only show you relevant news,” Mussie Shore continues.

Users interested in trying out the latest flavor of Google Currents will find it available for download on Softpedia via this link.

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