Download Google Chrome 9.0.597.84 Beta

Google is getting closer and closer to releasing Chrome 9.0 through the Stable Channel, but the search giant is not quite there yet.

While the cooking of Chrome 9.0 Stable continues, the Mountain View-based company has produced a new testing milestone for early adopters.

Google Chrome 9.0.597.84 is now available for download via the Beta Channels for testers running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Chrome Frame, the Internet Explorer open source plug-in, was also kicked up a notch up to version 9.0.597.84.

Of course, a simple comparison with the previous Chrome 9.0 Beta release, version 9.0.597.83 reveals that Build 9.0.597.83 is nothing more than a minor refresh.

At this point in time, Google is focusing heavily on taking care of all issues which prevent version 9.0 from graduating to the Stable Channel.

The search giant is fine-tuning Chrome 9.0, getting it ready for release to end users, and this is the reason why the company is offering small Beta updates designed to contain mainly bug fixes, but certainly no new features or major modification.

In this regard, end users that are leveraging Google’s open source browser should continue running Chrome 8.0 since it’s the last Stable release.

Although Chrome 9.0 is not that far off, fact is that Build 9.0.597.84 is still a Beta release aimed at testers.

Early adopters however have not only Chrome 9.0.597.84 Beta but also Chrome 10.0.648.11 Dev available for download.

I’ve included download links at the bottom of this article for the many flavors of Chrome in relation to the platforms that each release is designed to support.

Of course, I’ll make sure to provide updates on the ongoing development processes of Chrome 9.0 and Chrome 10.0 and notify users when new releases are launched.

Google Chrome for Windows is available for download here.

Google Chrome for Linux is available for download here.

Google Chrome for Mac is available for download here.

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