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The latest release embraces Bing

Just two days after the introduction of version 4.0 of its open-source browser, Google is offering testers an updated version for download. Google Chrome, the first refresh offered through the Developer Channel, is now up for grabs from the Mountain View-based search giant. The update is designed to push forward the Windows and Mac OS X flavors of Chrome and went live on August 19, 2009.

The latest development milestone of Google’s open-source browser embraces the evolution of Microsoft’s search engine. In this regard, Google Chrome no longer features references to the now defunct Live Search. Instead, Chrome allows end users to opt for and use the Bing search engine, none other than the successor of Live Search, which it killed at the end of May 2009. However, for the time being Google noted that the change was valid only for the US version of Chrome.

The company bumped the dev channel version of Chrome from 3.0 to, earlier this week, in fact just three days ago. The move came to synchronize the most advanced version cooking in the Mountain View ovens with the underlining Chromium open-source project, which evolved to version 4.0 last week.

In this regard, Build, the update to Chrome, brings to the table a variety of changes, in addition to the Bing branding correction. In this context, Anthony Laforge, Google Chrome program manager, revealed that “uninstalling Chrome for one user should not delete default browser entries for another user.“ Moreover, Chrome brings to the table bug fixes for video and audio tags, as well as resolves for crashes. The latest release permits users to enter HTTP authentication credentials in Omnibox even if the password features an “@” sign. On top of it all, Chrome now has no issues with the import process of passwords from Firefox 3.1 and later and sports a reduced memory footprint.

The latest release of Google Chrome is available for download here.

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