Download Free Windows 7 RTM Spring Theme

And wallpaper

A new theme available for download from Microsoft is designed to help users celebrate the arrival of spring. With the new season upon us, the Redmond company has updated the content made available on the Windows Personalization Gallery, and is offering Czech Spring, a free theme pack, set up to integrate seamlessly with the latest iteration of the Windows client. Czech Spring comes with a range of stunning background images guaranteed to bring spring to the users’ desktops.

It is important to underline that users need to be running Windows 7 in order to enjoy the free themes Microsoft is offering for download on the Windows Personalization Gallery. All the theme packs are supported exclusively on Windows 7. This means that users of Windows Vista and Windows XP will not be able to simply download and install Themes from the Personalization Gallery.

In addition to the Czech Spring, the Redmond company is also offering a new wallpaper for download. However, just as the spring theme, Dog with Daffodils is designed to “Prick up your ears for the return of spring,” according to Microsoft. It shouldn’t be a real surprise that the background features a dog with “vertical” ears.

Microsoft is running an interesting experiment with the Windows Personalization Gallery and ultimately with Windows 7 desktops everywhere. Users will be able to notice that the gallery features content built around a variety of companies and brands. This is not a coincidence. Microsoft is allowing third-parties to take advantage of the Windows Personalization Gallery and new capabilities in Windows 7 in order to push themes that serve for brand advertising. However, along the themes that push brands to Windows 7 users, the software giant is also offering content that has no other purpose than to kick the desktop experience up a notch.

Windows 7 Czech Spring theme is available for download here.


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