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As of today Windows 7 is generally available for purchase around the world, and in concert with the official launch of the operating system, Microsoft has also updated the content it is offering to streamline personalization for the new platform. If you have been keeping your eyes on Softpedia then you already know that Microsoft offered a taste of the new personalization resources to come with the Ferrari and Porsche themes. The Redmond company noted that it would offer additional themes for Windows 7, and it lived up to its promise.

If you now head over to the Personalization Gallery for Windows 7 you will be able to find a variety of featured themes for the platform. Here are the new ones: Avatar, Bing's Best, Happiness Factory, Ducati, Ferrari, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Infiniti, Lugares Coloridos, Refresh Everything, Porsche, Zune Characters, Zune Zodiac, and Zune Elements.

Outside of the new featured content there are also new international themes available for download. Of course all of the themes are designed to work exclusively with Windows 7. With its latest iteration of the Windows client, Microsoft has made it easier for end users to personalize their desktops. Windows 7 customers can not only create custom themes, but also save them and share the content with other users.

“Tomorrow’s our big day – Windows 7 officially launches and hits General Availability (or GA as we have acronyms for everything). That means Windows 7 will be available for purchase worldwide! I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some things to look out for as Windows 7 becomes available in stores and online around the world. We have big events happening in many countries, including: Japan, UK, Germany, France, China and more,” revealed Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc.

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