Download Free Windows 7 Cherry Blossom Theme

A new Windows 7 theme available for download from Microsoft free of charge can help users celebrate spring.

Customers running the latest iteration of the Windows client can grab the Cherry Blossom theme pack from the online hub that the Redmond company set up in order to share customization content with the public.

As some users might already know, the software giant has localized not only various versions of Windows 7, but also the Windows Personalization Gallery.

Some themes are not shared across all language versions of the Windows Personalization Gallery, but only with users in specific markets.

It’s the case of the Cherry Blossom theme which is designed for Japanese users of Windows 7.

As such, the Cherry Blossom theme pack is only available for download through the Japanese version of the Windows Personalization Gallery.

“Like as if you enjoying seeing cherry blossom in cherry blossom luxury pamper your mood. Windows 7 theme is available for download free,” reads the theme’s description according to Rob Margel (translation from Microsoft Translator).

The Windows 7 Cherry Blossom theme contains no less than six beautiful wallpapers, and in case there was any doubt, the Japanese influence should be inferred.

Make sure to check out the screenshots included with this article in order to get a preview of the background images that this theme pack contains.

Users can download and install the Cherry Blossom theme effortlessly, provided that they’re running Windows 7, and enjoy this collection of beautiful images right on their desktop.

In the land of the rising sun, Sakura is the term used to describe cherry blossom, the flowers of the cherry trees.

Users around the world might not know that, because of the short lifespan of the cherry blossoms the flowers are used as a symbol for mortality.

The Windows 7 Cherry Blossom theme is available for download here.


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