Download Free Windows 7 Captain America Theme

A new theme is now available for download for Windows 7 users featuring content from the recently released Captain America starring Chris Evans.

Captain America made about $65.8 million in the opening weekend, and those fans that want to see more of The First Avenger can head over to the Windows Personalization Gallery and grab the free theme offered by Microsoft.

As is the case with all themes on the Windows Personalization Gallery, Windows 7 users can install the Captain America: The First Avenger theme pack and have the content blend seamlessly into the operating system.

“The Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios film Captain America: The First Avenger comes alive in all its explosive, gritty glory with this free theme for Windows 7,” reads the download’s description.

“It includes dramatic stills that capture the vintage military uniforms, chunky laboratory equipment, and other production details that make this alternative history feel so vivid and real.”

There are no less than eight wallpapers included in the Captain America theme, all of which included as previews at the bottom of this article.

But there’s really no reason not do download the full theme pack and see what the background images look on your screen, especially since the download is offered free of charge.

This is of course, not the first theme featuring content from a Paramount Pictures movie. There are a number of other wallpaper packs, including a Paramount Pictures Movies theme.

Users that download the Paramount Pictures Movies theme for Windows 7 will get an dynamic theme pack, designed to update itself automatically with new content, served directly to desktops through RSS.

The latest wallpapers available via the Paramount Pictures Movies theme involve content from the Cowboys & Aliens film, in addition to the original background images from movies such as Thor and True Grit.

The Windows 7 Captain America Theme is available for download here.

The Windows 7 Paramount Pictures Movies Theme is available for download here.


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