Download Free Windows 7 Alan Wake Theme

By on January 19th, 2011 15:17 GMT

Microsoft has updated the Windows Personalization Gallery with fresh content designed for Windows 7 users.

The Redmond company introduced a new theme pack which is bound to be embraced by Xbox 360 console owners that loved Alan Wake.

Essentially, an Alan Wake theme pack is now available for download free of charge via the Windows Personalization Gallery.

“Bringing a new style of storytelling to Xbox 360, “Alan Wake” is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the renowned developers of the successful “Max Payne” series,” reads the game’s description.

“In this dynamic new title exclusively for Xbox 360, players assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author suffering from writer’s block, who escapes to a small town only to experience the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

There are no less than 12 wallpapers packed in the Alan Wake theme for Windows 7. However, in addition to the dozen background images, the Redmond company is also providing gamers with Aero settings and with new sounds from the game.

“Are you writing the story? Or is the story writing you? Get inside author Alan Wake's head with this free Windows 7 theme based on the best-selling game for Xbox 360,” the software giant notes about the theme.

Alan Wake is not the first branded theme from Microsoft featuring content associated with Xbox 360 titles.

On the Windows Personalization Gallery users can find additional themes such as Gears of War and Halo: Reach.

“Set in the deceptively idyllic town of Bright Falls, Wash., “Alan Wake” immerses players in an intense and expansive cinematic world that enables players to explore the hyper-realistic and interactive environments.

“Alan Wake is mission-based with a deeply engaging and suspenseful storyline unveiling new twists and profound character revelations at every turn,” Microsoft added.

The Windows 7 Alan Wake theme is available for download here.

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